CLEMATIS terniflora

Exhibits an abundance of sweet scented small white flowers in late August-September.

Product Description

CLEMATIS terniflora – Sweet Autumn Clematis

(aka: C. maximowicziana or C. paniculata)

Exhibits an abundance of sweet-scented small white flowers in late August-September. Blooms on new wood. Seeds are plume-like and add additional attraction in the fall. Prune hard after flowering to control. Excellent when trained to cover walls, trellises, arbors, etc. Native to Japan.

Sun: Full Sun

Soil: Average, Medium, Well-Drained

Size: Height 15-30ft., Width Variable

Zone: 5-9

Flower: Creamy White Narrow 4-Petaled Flowers

Bloom Time: August to September.

Attributes: Showy Flowers, Fragrant, Deer Tolerant, Black Walnut Tolerant