ASIMINA triloba ‘Rebecca’s Gold’

‘Rebecca’s Gold’ is a late ripening, large fruited variety.

Product Description

ASIMINA triloba ‘Rebecca’s Gold’ – Rebecca’s Gold Pawpaw

A small tree with a short trunk and spreading branches forms a dense pyramid or round topped head. The dark green summer foliage tends to droop and give the tree a sleepy appearance. The edible brownish-black fruit has a taste similar to a banana, high in vitamins A and C. Plant more than one for pollination. Interesting native tree which could be used for naturalizing or along the water’s edge. ‘Rebecca’s Gold’ is a late ripening, large fruited variety.  Native cultivar.

Sun: Full Sun/Part Shade

Soil: Average, Moist

Size: Height 15-20ft., Width15-20ft.

Zone: 5-9

Flowers: Red

Bloom Time: April to May

Attributes: Low Maintenance, Showy and Edible Fruit, Deer Resistant, Drought and Dry Soil Tolerant, Native