Oftentimes what makes a successful landscape is the right plant in the right place. Klyn Nurseries has put together many references to help provide the information to ensure a beautiful installation of plants. Please let us know if there is additional information you would like provided. All information is property of Klyn Nurseries unless noted, and is intended solely for the use of Klyn Nurseries customers.

Plant Lists:

Excel files available to download                           PDF files to open

Attracting Butterflies and Hummingbirds                   PDF
Deciduous Azaleas                                                          PDF
Deciduous Ilex                                                                 PDF
Deer Resistant Plants                                                     PDF
Edible Plants                                                                     PDF
*FALL DIG RISK*                                                              PDF
Garden Railroad & Fairy Garden Plants                       PDF
Plants for Brewing                                                           PDF
Rain Garden Plants                                                          PDF
Salt Tolerant Plants                                                         PDF

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Bill Hendricks, President of Klyn Nurseries, is a much sought after speaker on a wide variety of horticultural topics. Many of the handouts from his lectures have been compiled here.

Bamboo for Northern Gardens                                     PDF
Bog and Marginal Plants                                               PDF
Cacti and Succulents for Northern Gardens              PDF
Chamaecyparis, the Genus                                          PDF
Ferns Figured Out: Likes & Dislikes                            PDF
Fragrance in the Garden                                               PDF
Growing a Better Oak Tree                                           PDF
Hydrangeas for the Landscape                                   PDF
Plants for the Damp Landscape                                  PDF
Plants for the Dry Landscape                                      PDF
Plants on a High Sodium Diet                                      PDF
Unexpected Edibles                                                      PDF
Vines and Climbers                                                       PDF
Winter Garden Interest                                                PDF

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If there is a specific question that you need answered, please feel free to contact a member of our sales staff. Our Sales Staff page (located here) lists e-mail addresses of all of our sales people.